Shaker Heights Bathroom

When the half bathroom was originally discussed, they wanted to update the 50’s dark and outdated bathroom into a New York style marble bathroom the homeowners experienced on their trip to New York. They wanted to replicate the elegant marble rooms so common back in the 1920’s New York construction they fell in love with. To replicate that feel, they wanted the use of white and black marble to complement each other and set their half bath apart from the rest.

After the demolition of the bathroom, they wanted the addition of an exhaust fan and to create more space to give a bigger feel to the bathroom. The problem we ran into with the exhaust fan was the heating pipes, the water pipes, and drainage pipes all ran through the ceiling, so with that, a wall mounted exhaust fan was added to optimize space and not create issues with current piping and wiring. To give the homeowners the New York styling they desired, Carrera black marble hand laid in a herringbone pattern was used on the floor of the bathroom, and then Carrera white marble tile, custom curbing, and chair rail molding with a black Carrera accent molding was hand laid on the walls to recreate the stunning bathroom they desired. They had a custom cabinet in black with a granite countertop and a brass faucet to give extra to the appearance. To create even more space, the addition of the European wall mounted radiator cleared up a plentiful amount of room and complemented the marble in the bathroom.

Overall, the homeowners were blown away with the results of their half-bath. The elegant styling brought in by the marble and custom features created the space they wanted to replicate from their trip to New York. They were so happy with the bathroom they told us the problem with it now is that they just want to look at it and not use it.