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When we originally met with our clients, they contacted us just to discuss a kitchen remodel, but after viewing the layout of their original kitchen, it was time for a major upgrade. Their original kitchen was cramped and small, and with the homeowners wanting a bigger island and more space, we presented them with the idea of removing the walls that separated their dinette area, kitchen, and dining room. With the removal of the walls, they would be able to create the kitchen of their dreams and be able to host their friends and family in a space that they most desired. The homeowners wanted an industrial hood with a chef grade oven to compliment the major overhaul. After deliberation and discussing a plan with the homeowners, they decided they wanted to go all out and completely remodel their first floor, including the kitchen with the removal of the walls, the complete remodel of their half bathroom that had not been touched since the 50’s, and the complete overhaul of their living room as well.

During the remodel of their kitchen, we took down the walls originally discussed with the homeowners to create the space they desired. Alongside that, the stairwell access from the kitchen was removed to allow the cabinet space they greatly wanted. The hardwood from the dining room was carried over into the kitchen and blended with the entire house with the refinishing of the entire first floor hardwood. Then with the walls down, it allowed the 9-foot island to be created as the centerpiece of their kitchen. Then their original dinette area was turned into a bar area, along with more custom cabinets and counter space to complement the kitchen. The custom kitchen cabinets were meticulously designed to maximize efficiency in the space given, such as the pullout drawers below the cabinets, incorporating the original toe kick heater and original radiator into the cabinets. Two of the major designs that were put into the cabinets were pullout dog bowl trays for their two dogs, and a custom wine cooler that blends in with the cabinets and optimizes the space given. The custom granite countertops were finished in a leather texture, with an ogee edge, going so far as to keep the 9-foot piece for the island one piece.

When the half bathroom was originally discussed, they wanted to update the 50’s dark and outdated bathroom into a New York style marble bathroom the homeowners experienced on their trip to New York. After the demolition of the bathroom, they wanted to add the addition of an exhaust fan and to create more space to give a bigger feel to the bathroom. The problem we ran into with the exhaust fan was the heating pipes, the water pipes, and drainage pipes all ran through the ceiling, so with that, a wall mounted exhaust fan was added to optimize space and not create issues with current piping and wiring. To give the homeowners the New York styling they desired, Carrera black marble hand laid in a herringbone pattern was used on the floor of the bathroom, and then Carrera white marble tile, custom curbing, and chair rail molding with a black Carrera accent molding was hand laid on the walls to recreate the stunning bathroom they desired. To create even more space, the addition of the European wall mounted radiator cleared up a plentiful amount of room and complemented the marble in the bathroom.

The living room and foyer room were completely refinished with the hardwood being fixed and finished to the warm dark tone that they wanted. Then the addition of custom arches was designed to enhance the living room entrances and match the current style of molding in the house. The moldings were custom made to match the existing window moldings that were put in the home in the 1930s. The refinishing of all the walls and existing moldings transformed the rest of the first floor to tie in the beautiful new kitchen and bathroom to the rest of the first floor.

Overall, the kitchen exceeded the homeowners’ expectations, becoming a center point of the house and the bathroom is now a functional space that is more welcoming, now they have a hard time using it due to their amazement at the accuracy of the bathroom they wanted to replicate. The attention to detail spent on the entire first floor exceeded their expectations and transformed their entire first floor into the family space they desired, including the dogs which immediately loved their custom dog bowls.