Our clients purchased a country home in Kirtland that they love. They downsized from a 5,000 Sq. Ft house in Shaker Heights but could not downsize on the number of there cats! They contacted us on remodeling their sun-room and trying to figure out how they could give there seven cats some room to roam without letting them outside. We came up with an outside cat enclosure that we made a passage from one of the inside kitchen cabinets, into a bench that is in their newly remodeled sun-room, then to the outside enclosure at their leisure. Inside that bench there is a cat passage that was custom built to accommodate their needs, which was a swift and convenient way for the cats to go into their enclosure. The cats are crazy about their new space!
The homeowners are loving their newly remodeled sun-room that includes a fully insulated sub-floor was installed and fully rebuilt walls to turn the room into a 4-season room, all new vinyl windows and doors, taking out the ceiling and raising it to give a vaulted ceiling and tray lighting to create a more comfortable living space, and the new custom lighting gives the room a soft and warm glow in the evening. Thus, creating a perfect room to relax and enjoy in for the homeowners, no matter the season or weather conditions.