Smith’s Kirtland

Scott, Yvonne and Matthew,

Once again, you’ve taken a rough stone and turned it into an absolute gem. The breezeway is stunning, and I’ll send you some photos of the lights at night. Your attention to detail is absolutely top-notch. You work beautifully as a team, and if you don’t always FEEL like a beautiful team, you sure do hide it well! 😉

Thank you so much for all of your attention to leaving your workspace and finished projects so clean. We notice and appreciate it. To walk into the breezeway this evening after a LONG day of driving through torrential rain, I felt like I was walking into a spa. Think back to the initial room, with the bright yellow, and teal, and vivid green….with a mustard-yellow floor…..(according to Jeff Davis, that color scheme was inspired by a kitchen towel he and his partner had)….

We’ve come a long way!

Thanks again!
Kate (and Rick)

(Smith’s Kirtland)