Miller Basement

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When we were approached about this basement remodel, the homeowners wanted to renovate their basement into a family-friendly functional space that they could all enjoy, whether it would be movie or game night, their goal was to have a space for family and friends to come over and have an area to enjoy their time together. Their other goal was to have a space for their daughter, who now wants to have more friends over, and have a safe and fun environment for them to enjoy after school and on the weekends. From there the design of a modern, family friendly environment began on their basement, with the homeowners wanting a more functional living space that included their wants, such as a multipurpose bar for a place to host parties but could double as a space for their kids to do their homework, more functional cabinet and storage space, and a family entertainment center as the centerpiece to their basement.

            In starting their project, the space required a few special attentive details, such as filling in the cavity under the staircase left by the homebuilders many years ago, exposing the cinders the builders in shaker heights used from the steel mill. Then with the influence of the homeowners, they wanted a full surround system added into their plan of the basement for a more immersive environment into their home theater system, which was wired in before the construction phase began. To accommodate the need for more cabinet and functional storage space, built-in cabinets were designed and installed under the staircase to allow for a functional yet practical means of storage for their everyday items. To provide a more durable environment for their kids, the use of luxury vinyl plank flooring made for easy cleanups and the longevity desired.

            Overall, the homeowners were extremely pleased at the result of their newly remodeled space. With the custom touches, such as the accent wall, the surround sound speakers, the multipurpose bar with quartz countertop, custom stained shelves and countertop for their entertainment center, and other small details. Overall, the homeowners were extremely happy with the results of their job, meeting all the criteria they asked for and wanted. The only problem they face now is their dog Cookie, who immediately claimed the newly remodeled basement as her new hangout area!