Award winning workmanship at the right price..
Thanks again for doing such great work on our lower
level. The design of the new family room and all the
detailed mill-work makes a real impact when people
walk down stairs and the fireplace makes the room
seem very warm and homey. Also once again we have
a wine cellar that makes a statement. It is Both
functional and interesting and the mill-work, stone
wall, lighting and slate floor give it a sort of "old
world" feel. It makes you want to.. well- drink some
good wine! You and the crew were great to work with
and it is always fun the enjoy the outcome.

Jim & Joan
Chagrin Falls
We never had a single worry or doubt about the quality
of the work, timeless of the job, or professionalism of all
concerned parties. One of the most amazing aspects of
the work Scott Burton orchestrated was the time in
which it was completed. From start to finish, Scott ran an
honest, driven, through, professional and openly I
recommend his expertise and company without

Kate & Rick
Shaker Hts
Just wanted to say thank you for making a dream become a
reality. We love our porch! Than you for sticking with us
Dolly & Chip
Shaker Hts
After remodeling was complete, the beautiful
kitchen became the center of activity in my
home. I proud to bring guests into my kitchen.
Dream Home Construction exceeded my
expectations in all areas of planning and

Shaker Hts
I'm so very pleased with everything and so grateful for
your help (all the little things including the animal nest)

We wanted to thank you for making this 100 year old
house a true show place! We have been fortunate to
count you as a passionate craftsman and friends.

Tom & Sal
Cleveland Hts
I love my new bedroom! I cannot tell you
how smart I was to ask you again to
tackle "This Old House" for a
renovation. It is my castle ans I now
love ALL OF IT !

Shaker Hts
It is always fun to enjoy the outcome. Almost
makes us want to buy another home and work
on another basement.

Jim & Joan
Dream Home Construction did a fantastic job on
my foyer I am  thrilled with the new look and
very pleased with Dream Home Construction.

Shaker Hts
Dear Scott,
I've never had a workman do for me what you
did the other day - with regard to the garage
door opener. Your integrity with regard to your
work speaks volumes about your character as a
person. You have my vote!

Shaker Hts
Another well-done job at my
ready for another blast of winter.

Shaker Hts
work you have done with our attic
renovation and outside projects. We could
not be happier with the finished product - a
library and home office that we can be
proud of and enjoy for many years to come!

Hubert  & Cecilia
Shaker Hts
house. I could not live here without Dream
Home Construction.


Shaker Hts
Thank you for the wonderful job you did on
my cottage. It's been such a pleasure
working with you and your crew again. I
love my fireplace, seeing my Great
Grandfather's Rifle gives me a lot of pride!

beautiful job on our kitchen and bathroom.
You have exceeded our expiation on a
construction company. The staff has such a
great knowledge and work detail and your
integrity with regards to your work speak
volumes about your character as a person.
Our kitchen and bath  are truly a dream
come true! We have  been showing it off to
all our friends and family.

Chuck & Carolyn
Pepper Pike
First I want to thank you
both for your kindness and
professionalism. I am so

Shaker Hts
Thanks again for such a wonderful
job on my house. I truly appreciate
your honesty with me and

Scott & Yvonne
We are very pleased with all the work! After
many disappointing experiences , we can
hardly believe we found a contractor that
works within a stated time frame and truly
cares about the quality of the work right
down to the most minute details! The
Anne & Steve
Cleveland Hts
Thank you for the glamour bathroom, Your
outstanding work has completed our home.


Thank you for a great job.
Shaker Hts
enjoys the evening outside,
our quality time as a family will
give us many memories.

Shaker Hts

Dream Home Construction
Chardon, Ohio 44024
Email: Dreamhomeconstruction@windstream.net
I had to write you to thank you for yet
another wonderful job, renovating and
remodeling our 1922-era home. When
we decided to remodel the basement
this summer, we didn't hesitate in
calling you.

Kate & Rick-Shaker Hts
The roof looks fantastic.
Those guys are a pleasure to have
Shaker Hts
It can rain from now on and you will not hear a
single grouchy word from John or me. Our repair
was so quick, so painless and has left us with
waterfall is a distant memory. We feel reborn!
Thank you both, Yvonne and Scott, and a special
thanks to Specialized Concrete for their superior
quality and responsive work. We are such happy
campers that I will pass on your name to
everyone who is currently underwater in Shaker
Hts. Thank you again!
Shaker Hts