Community Service
Dream Home & Nari -Greater Cleveland
Chapter teamed up to help the North Pole!

Dream Home and other companies from Nari became
elves to make Santa's dream come true at the Santa's
Hide-A-way Hollow located in Middlefield, Ohio.
Santa had a vision, he wanted a bakery to
make fresh cookies and to share them with the
children and there families when they come to the
North Pole..  
What is : "Santa's Hide-A-Way Hollow" ?

Santa's Hide-A-Way Hollow, described as "A Magical
Place Tucked in Your Heart Where the Spirit of
Christmas Lasts Forever", began as a dream, and was
completed in 1992. What started out as a desire to help
terminally ill children and their families, has resulted in
a Christmas retreat from the reality of their illness,
creating wonderful memories instead. The Mission of
Santa's Hide-A-Way is to bring families together during a
very difficult time in their lives. It provides a perfect
setting for a visit with Santa Claus, no matter the date.

Santa’s Hide A Way Hollow, a non-profit organization
founded in 1981, is dedicated to working with seriously
and terminally ill children and their families to provide
comfort and support throughout the final stages of the
child’s illness. Many children ask to see Santa for a last
Christmas as they near the end of their struggle. Santa’s
Hide Away is committed to meeting that very need any
time of the year. Santa gives his healing Spirit to all!

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Chardon, Ohio 44024